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You must acknowledge what you do not know

शमथ। Samatha Do not be the ‘yes’ person when you do not have the expertise or knowledge to do something. Wait to see if there is someone who is better capable of doing a particular job. You can always give a hand to them. If there is nobody else, rise up to

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Value is incalculable

शमथ। Samatha How do you decide the value of something? By calculating what that offers you in return. But is what you receive in return measurable? Human beings do not do everything for sustenance alone. They try to derive satisfaction out of everything. And satisfaction is not gradable as it is always optimum.

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To be calm is to be victorious

शमथ। Samatha To lose your calm means to be distracted. Your mind shifts from the focal point to trivial matters. As a result, your mind gets agitated, which in turn affects the entire body. What you were set to achieve takes a lower priority when this happens. Looking at life in general,

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People don’t come in boxes.

शमथ। Samatha When you marry someone, you just do not marry a person; you marry a whole different family. Even if you are in a live-in relationship, this reality does not change. Dating is a different game where you put forth your best  appearances; even then when you date long enough you

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