Do not bring doom to yourself - Mahagathe

Do not bring doom to yourself

शमथ। Samatha
Life is not static. It goes against the spirit of life. The biggest misunderstanding we have about life is that only organisms are alive. And our whole lives get spent in imposing a human point of view on the rest of the universe. Being humans, there is nothing wrong if you see everything around us with a human eyes, for that’s how you are. But do not ever forget that it is not the limit of who you are.

It is high time you abandon the organismic point of view and embrace the cosmic view. The cosmos in its entirety is one being. Failing to recognise this is failing to live your life to the fullest. Your sense organs, that includes your mind, give you inputs that are human in nature. But those sense organs never tell you that the inputs they give you are of ultimate nature. Each sensory input you receive is of a limited nature.

There is nothing wrong in the nature of the sensory input. In fact such limited input helps you to
experience existence in various hues and colours. However the problem occurs when you employ your mind as the sole means of authority. Mind is heavily dependent on the inputs by other sensory organs and is unable to project anything that is not fed into it. As a result, you believe in and live in a constricted existence.

Make the right efforts to connect with the organs beyond the mind. There, the inputs received
from the physical senses are processed in a way different from how the mind does it. When your mind comes under the influence of those organs, you develop inner vision.

This has the ability to grant you the cosmic vision. Anything less is settling for doom.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam

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