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Seva – Serving the Old Age Home

Seva-Dharma , as a practical school to practice Charity, Compassion, Restraint. Mahagathe Foundation does not make this as a simple emotional exercise, but transforms into  contemplative practice by understanding  Humility , Gratitude  and Forgiveness.

Mahagathe Foundation Volunteers spend quality time with the Mothers and Brothers who are in the Old Age home which is Run for the people who do not have a home to call their own. Spending time with them have made us appreciate more and more of what we otherwise take for granted in life. This has also enabled us to provide home cooked food, groceries, medicines, clothes, water heaters, pressure cooker, assistance in bore well and rain water harvesting at their care home.

We have been associated with them from more than 6 years and they all look forward to meet us every month. Every Visit is so memorable with them. We sit with them, listen to them, share our stories, Play with them and most importantly give them the  confidence that there is some one who is there to help them and take care of them.

Employing a full time help will make their lives easier as most of the work currently is done by themselves and at this age, it is difficult to manage for longtime. Also, more volunteers will enable us to serve them better during Emergencies as well as regular Service.

Will you be a volunteer in bringing a smile on a face that is not privileged to have it?

Please Pay through the below QR Code and send us the details at We will send you the receipt.

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