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You must acknowledge what you do not know

शमथ। Samatha Do not be the ‘yes’ person when you do not have the expertise or knowledge to do something. Wait to see if there is someone who is better capable of doing a particular job. You can always give a hand to them. If there is nobody else, rise up to

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You are not lost

शमथ। Samatha “I worked hard, but couldn’t reach anywhere”, “All my efforts have gone in vain”. We all have heard people talking in similar tones. Sometimes you have heard it from yourself too. ‘Not knowing’ is a very debilitating state for the mind, and it will start showing its effects on the

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Not being appreciated is not always a disability.

Not being appreciated is not always a disability. शमथ। Samatha A lot of times you have been told that you do not know the value of something until it is gone. It has been repeated so often that it is deeply imprinted upon your psyche. Despite this there is no shortage of

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