You must acknowledge what you do not know - Mahagathe

You must acknowledge what you do not know

शमथ। Samatha

Do not be the ‘yes’ person when you do not have the expertise or knowledge to do something. Wait to see if there is someone who is better capable of doing a particular job. You can always give a hand to them. If there is nobody else, rise up to the occasion being truthful about your inexperience. All these have to happen in a split second; you cannot take forever.

Taking quick and effective decisions is a vital component to the success of any mission. This differentiates a leader from a follower. Everyone thinks they deserve to be the leader. Their reference to this are their credentials from the past. Yes, past has formed you, but it is the present which reforms you. Any individual who is not ready to be reformed is a baggage from the past.

It is the everyday user kit that anyone would reach out to and not an old bag in the attic even if it may have sentimental values. Sentiments alone cannot make a nation run or an industry or a society or a family. Everyday sustainability and being future-ready is of critical importance.

Do not count on yesterday’s credentials; it is what you are doing today which counts. This is not only with respect to others but in regard to yourself. Yesterday you were a well sought out athlete. Today you are retired and unwell. If you keep on thinking about your days as a celebrity, you will feel more miserable in your present life. Instead, if you cultivate the skills required for your current phase of life, you will not only be a happy person, but also a source of inspiration. This should be understood and applied in your day to day lives.

Every piece in a puzzle is important to complete the picture. No piece can think that it alone is important. Some are tiny and some are bigger in size. A few pieces are too small in size that
they could go missing easily. But they cannot be ignored, because their absence will easily make the picture look incomplete despite the negligible size as an individual piece. You are valuable, but you will complete the picture only when you assume your place on the board. You cannot fit into every slot, and do not insist too. You will find your glory in the big picture.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam