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To be calm is to be victorious

शमथ। Samatha

To lose your calm means to be distracted. Your mind shifts from the focal point to trivial matters. As a result, your mind gets agitated, which in turn affects the entire body. What you were set to achieve takes a lower priority when this happens. Looking at life in general, this is not a stray occurrence in people’s lives. It is not uncommon to witness this daily. You do not have to do any math to know for yourself what you are doing to yourself.

Life is sustained by energy. You must not do anything to disturb the natural flow of this energy. This can be achieved only if your physical body and your mind are in harmony with each other. Contrary to what you believe they are always in harmony. The physical body adjusts itself to even the tiniest fluctuations in the mind. If the mind is happy, the body is fresh and receptive. If the mind is disturbed, the body is disturbed too. These do not happen merely on the periphery but has deep impact on every cell and the vast networks which links them all to one identity.

Once the system is disturbed, it gets into a mess. Diseases pile up in the body one after the other. You begin to doubt yourself, your capabilities, etc. People call it midlife crisis, but it is not. It is wrong patterns and habits accumulated over the years. The body is giving a warning, asking you to rearrange your life or it can get worse. But your only effort is to somehow get rid of that annoying warning signal. Do not make that mistake; listen to your body. Otherwise, life will take the course of a struggle.

Victory is not merely winning a trophy. How many times can you win the same trophy? Victory is the overall well-being which is not a mental phenomenon, but the body as a whole which includes your mind, the physical body, and the unobstructed flow of energy. Such a person, needless to say, will be victorious in the eyes of others too.

What others struggle to achieve becomes effortless in their hands as their intelligence is not dulled by trivial matters.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam

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