Who We Are - Mahagathe

Who We Are


Create a caring and compassionate environment, accepting the continuity of existence.

“Whenever there is decline of Dharma and ascendance of adharma, then, O Scion of the Bharata race!   I manifest myself in a body.”

This assurance, as foretold through the Bhagavad Gita, 4. 7, has once again come alive in our time through the Avataric mission of the Mahagathe. This is possible only because, as revealed in the Bhagavad Gita, 11. 11, exists the LORD,  “wearing heavenly garlands and vestments: anointed with celestial unguents and perfumes; replete with incredible, marvellous features – divinity boundless and all seeing.”

Inspired by this vision of a world that is just and righteous to all beings, the Mahagathe Foundation Public Charitable Trust was created. An attitude of deep reverence to everything that has ever been in existence is essential to achieve this mission. We spare no effort in creating a caring and compassionate environment, accepting the continuity of existence.

Modern education, decent healthcare, nutritious food, strong housing, comfortable clothing and clean drinking water are the basic rights every human being should have access to, and it is the fundamental duty of every human being to ensure that nobody is denied of any of those rights. The Mahagathe Foundation takes the lead in ensuring that more and more people can take part in facilitating a life of dignity to the marginalized and the less privileged.

Various Self-Awareness and Spiritual programs to elevate the consciousness of the modern individual are regularly conducted by the Mahagathe Foundation, along with the construction and maintenance of Pujya Gurudev’s Ashram in Punyabhumi, Nepal.