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Create a Caring and Compassionate Environment, Accepting the Continuity of Existence

To realise God is the fulness of human life. In Mahagathe, you are doing just that in a non-judgmental way while holding the Wisdom in that, close to your heart. Come, experience the practical ways to realise the fulness of your existence. Transform the mundane into bliss. Be a witness to the Truth and Walk in the path of righteous justice.

ॐ महागते सोहँ।

ॐ महागताय णोमो।

अहेतुकदयासिन्धुः आचार्यं मां विजानीयात्

The ocean of mercy without any motive,

know the Guru to be Me.


                                                            – Srimad Bhagavatam

Our Activities


With such a selfless person like Gurudev taking the lead, much good could come to the world,
by reducing the suffering of many and opening the windows to a bright and colourful future.

Anil Tripathi


Gurudev is a treasure house of wisdom, spiritual power and has helped me with self-realization and the path of righteousness. I feel “found” not just in worldly ways but in truth to who I am. Jai Gurudev

Shalini Sharma


Gurudev is the human form of Cosmic LOVE…   I have seen people shed tears of joy, solace and inexplicable release, when they went into physical embrace of Him.
Jai Gurudev

Vamsee Ramaraju


AUM Namo Narayana.



We conduct various charitable activities to uphold and propagate dharma.
You can make a difference by getting involved in any of the activities. Email us at ashram@mahagathe.org to know more or visit the donation page to contribute.

Blessed is the one who realizes that the ultimate good is the Lord alone and His giving at this moment is all that you need.