Life is a joyous offering. - Mahagathe

Life is a joyous offering.

शमथ। Samatha

An eternal flow of abundance; that’s what life is. Those who can see this are eternally blessed.  Others can only see constant suffering and somehow want to escape to somewhere else. But those who see suffering here will only see suffering anywhere else too. There only hope is in not existing. But as long as there is hope, they will continue to exist and continue to suffer.

People don’t attract suffering. They suffer because they delude themselves into believing that their life is suffering. Unless one can break this mental defilement, that individual can never know what life is.

How can you break it? Close your eyes for a moment. Empty yourself of all thoughts. Open your eyes and look at what is in front of you? Watch the emotions that rise within you at that time. Close your eyes again and empty yourself of those emotions. Open your eyes and watch what’s around you. Be aware of the familiar feelings that come out of it. Again close your eyes and empty yourself of the feelings that arose out of the surroundings. Open your eyes yet again and what do you see?

Things as they are, but you won’t be able to describe it as you are devoid of the descriptions and labels attached. It may be for a brief moment only, but in that moment you have achieved a glimpse into reality. Do not try to go back there, but you can repeat the exercise as often as you want. You will notice one thing; your mind or your heart will have no idea of suffering in that brief moment. Who noticed it?

That is the real you. No idea of suffering exist in who you really are. Life is freely offered to you with no conditions attached. You don’t come from anywhere, nor do you go anywhere. Life is here in the now. Are you ready to live this Life? Then you will never feel separated from who you really are.

You are Life, and your existence is not in a bowl of suffering.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam