You cannot have two things at the same time - Mahagathe

You cannot have two things at the same time

You cannot have two things at the same time.

शमथ। Samatha

“Is it necessary to renounce the world to attain moksha?” I hear this question a lot of times. It is like asking “is it necessary to get into water to swim?” Who would not like it if everything can be achieved without ever having to get out of bed? But then it will remain a dream, and it is good only as long as the dream lasts. Whatever feel-good effect it appeared to give your brain in the dream is lost the moment you are awake.

The desire to do everything and the desire to possess everything are thinking of yourself as invincible. No human being has ever traveled by two roads at the same time. Being human involves being guided by a goal. Of course, you can have more than one goal, but they will still be separated from each other by stages of life. If you try to have them all at the same time, you will lose having even one.

Once your goal is set, have your eyes only on that. There may be better goals out there, but they are not yours. If you are always worried about this or that, you are not allowing your mind to concentrate. A mind lacking concentration is like a seed that never sprouts. You may think that success is outside of you, and you have to enjoy that success. In reality, success is a state within you, realised by concentration; goal and path are merely instruments given to regulate your mind. If you keep reconsidering or doubting your goal, these instruments become powerless.

Be determined and be strong in the goal you have set. Give everything you have to it alone. Keep moving towards it. It is your steps you have to nourish and improvise, not the goal. The goal is perfect, but your steps will not be. Do everything you can to make your steps perfect with each step you take, and success is yours surely.

Feel Blessed

Swastham Shantam Sampurnam