Find your flock - Mahagathe

Find your flock

शमथ। Samatha

Do not be like ink in water wanting to influence everything that comes in contact with you; you will be less lonely. Be like a fish in the ocean swimming alongside many other species; you will have company. Not all may become your friends, some may make you flee for your life and some may not even notice you are there. In the process, you are well trained to see life as it is, to experience the lushness of life even among the uncertainties which loom over your head.

Loneliness is a disease of the mind. If you cannot stop feeling lonely, you must take professional help. The occasional feeling of loneliness on the contrary present you the opportunity to take a relook at your priorities in life. Life is not static. Its very nature is dynamic. If you want to hold on to the past, life appears to be moving too fast for you to catch up, and you may feel left behind. Similarly, if you want to bypass the pace of life and jump into the future of your imaginations, you may find yourself alone.

You have to move along with life, because you are not different from life. If you stick to the past or jump too far ahead, you are bound to find yourself alone. This self-control has to be learned if
you cannot control yourself from the extremities. Some people say, “it’s not fair” as though it is a
matter of injustice meted out by someone else. No, you are verily life. Life is full of people like you. Quite a few have similar interests too like you. You will not be able to find them in your past or future. They are always in the present. Be alive to the present to find them.

Time travel is a fantasy of the mind. We are not discussing the scope of science here. It is an excursion your mind wants to take, wandering into unknown terrains from a different timeframe. An engrossing movie, a short trip to space, a holiday at a destination of your choice, all of them can give similar exhilaration to the mind based on your nature. But you should not forget that you cannot leave yourself behind wherever you go. Unless you work on this ‘you’, you will always have to keep looking for new excursions within a few days. Make the most out of your excursion which is your present.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam