Success is a way of life. - Mahagathe

Success is a way of life.

Success is a way of life.

शमथ। Samatha

Who does not dream of success? But why does it remain a dream? The problem lies in the way
you look at success. Success, for you, is a point at which you can idle away your time into an
eternal party.

Take a relook at how you perceive success. It is most often treated as a stage in life where you
have everything at your beck and call. There is nothing wrong with it, but how do you define that
‘everything’? Or do you know what constitutes that ‘everything’? You will be surprised to know
that you are not clear about it. What is even worse is when you think you know what it is, it
would be some memory in the past projected on to the future. Thus your idea of success itself is

Come out of the expired ideas, for you cannot give life to it. Ask yourself, “What have I got with
me?” Write it all down. Ask again, “How have I put them to use?” Write it all down again. Further
ask, “Do I need to keep it all?” Make a note of those which you must keep. Clear your mind of
the rest. Do not feel insecure about throwing things away. If you are not ready to take even such
a small risk, forget success. The moment you do this, you will revitalize yourself.

Never go back to the past looking for acknowledgments. Focus on the three questions we
spoke about. Remind yourself to put what you got to use every day. Do not shy away from
discarding what is not needed. You will not be chasing success anymore, but living it.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam