You can cry over your loss, but do not neglect the present - Mahagathe

You can cry over your loss, but do not neglect the present

You can cry over your loss, but do not neglect the present.

शमथ। Samatha

Mourning over loss is healthy, but you cannot regain your health if it becomes a lifelong
process. A healthy mind is critical to a healthy body. A mind which constantly cries over the loss is
like a wound that never stops bleeding.

For any wound to heal, rest and care are required. A loss, physical or emotional, causes a
wound in your mind. Most people ignore it except for a few people who are very expressive
about their loss. Ignoring it does not make it go away just as being obsessed about it does not
make it go away. In many traditions, a period of time was fixed to mourn over the loss of
someone’s death. Today this practice is disappearing very fast, thereby leaving you vulnerable
due to the absence of proper mourning.

Loss is not only the death of somebody you loved. A relationship breakup, not able to get the
desired results in your examinations or high ratings in your appraisals, a lonely childhood or
not having your best buddies with you, etc are examples of loss. What looks silly in the eyes of
somebody else may be reason enough for somebody else to mourn for. But you must be careful
not to be someone who has to stay in the recovery room forever. Mourn wholeheartedly.

What is lost is lost. It is irreplaceable. What can be corrected must be corrected, which requires
you to be fully alert and aware. Sometimes you have to start again from scratch, which again
requires you to be totally present. If you ignore this, you will neither have the past nor the future.
To mourn for somebody or something is not wrong, but it should lead you to the present quickly.

Otherwise, you have got it all wrong.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam