Navaratri 2020- An Introduction - Mahagathe

Navaratri 2020- An Introduction


A little after midnight tonight (it’s evening where I am; you do the Math), we will enter the period to be observed as Navaratri in preparation for the great celebration of Vijayadashami. Unlike all these years in your adult life, most of you will have more time at hand to observe Navaratri. Don’t worry if your children keep buzzing around you like a bee. Let their buzzing remind you of the Divine Mother who assumed the form of a bee, not a pain in the neck. Interestingly it was Mata Sati’s neck which fell at Shrishailam Shaktipitha where Adi-Shakti is revered as Bhramarambika. Bhramara is a Sanskrit word for bee. It was in this form She slayed the mighty Arunasura. That’s a story for another day. Let’s come back to Navaratri, literally translated as nine nights. This is the level at which most people relate to Navaratri. But it is the mystical levels of Navaratri that I want to lead you to.

Nava signifies new, youth, freshness, etc. And Ratri signifies mind. A new mind, a young mind, a fresh mind means a pure mind. Only a pure mind can lead you to Vijaya or triumph. 

Interestingly Vijaya is also the spouse of Yama. Yama is the overlord of your actions or karma. And what you seek most in your life is the spouse of Yama. This Navaratri, reflect on this mystery and how you can be freed from the cyclical effects of karma.

You can share your reflections on, and we will be happy to assist you in the days to come.

Please refer to your local panchangas for Ghatasthapana/ Kalashasthapana muhurta tomorrow. Usually, it falls within the first yaama (6- 9 AM) of the day. If you cannot determine the Ghatasthapana muhurta, wait for the Abhijita muhurta which is around midday i.e. 12 noon.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam