Navaratri - Day 2 - Mahagathe

Navaratri – Day 2

Yesterday we worshipped Shakti as Shailaputri, a little girl born to Himavat. Today we worship
Shakti as Brahmacharini.

The little child who grew up playing in the palace enjoying the affection of her parents is now a student. She is taught the ways of life. The life of a student is the life of tapas which means refinement. We are all born with a lot of vasanas or inclinations, if left to themselves will be out of control. Brahmacharini reminds us to perfect our skills without getting easily distracted.

Today, reflect upon your lives. Have you harnessed the wealth you have come to this world? Are you giving enough time to sharpen your skills or are your days whiled away in idleness?

Shakti as Brahmacharini did not stop until she found the highest state of consciousness, Shiva. The rosary in her hand reminds us to be focused and be conscious of regular practice. The water pot in her hand reminds us of the importance of refinement in our lives.

AUM Namashchandikayai
AUM Hrim Durgayai namah

You can share your reflections on, and we will be happy to assist you
in the days to come.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam