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Seva – Serving the Old Age Home

Seva-Dharma , as a practical school to practice Charity, Compassion, Restraint. Mahagathe Foundation does not make this as a simple emotional exercise, but transforms into  contemplative practice by understanding  Humility , Gratitude  and Forgiveness. Mahagathe Foundation Volunteers spend quality time with the Mothers and Brothers who are in the Old

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Navaratri – Day 2

Yesterday we worshipped Shakti as Shailaputri, a little girl born to Himavat. Today we worship Shakti as Brahmacharini. The little child who grew up playing in the palace enjoying the affection of her parents is now a student. She is taught the ways of life. The life of a student is

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Navaratri – Day 1

17 October 2020 (First day of the bright fortnight of Ashwin) First thing to understand. Who is worshipped in Navaratri? Shakti Who is Shakti? The basis of all existence. (आधारभतू ) Today is the first of the nine days of the religio-spiritual observance of Navaratri. Today, through ghatasthapana or kalashasthapana, you

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Navaratri 2020- An Introduction

16-Oct-2020   A little after midnight tonight (it’s evening where I am; you do the Math), we will enter the period to be observed as Navaratri in preparation for the great celebration of Vijayadashami. Unlike all these years in your adult life, most of you will have more time at hand to

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