Respect has no alternative - Mahagathe

Respect has no alternative

Respect has no alternative

शमथ। Samatha

Respect is sought by all while receiving it, and shunned by all while giving it. This is an age-old
problem. Each one feels that he or she is superior to the other. Nobody is ready to acknowledge
the importance of the other. One begins to think that “I am the firstborn; I brought all these into

One should recognize that any role is superimposed on a structure like a drop of paint on a
canvas. Each drop in the painting can fret over who the first drop is. No drop would mean
anything unless the painting is complete. The painting itself cannot be held together in the
absence of the canvas. The question of authority and superiority has never led to any good for
anyone. On the contrary, it has invited the wrath of even the most merciful ones.

The misgivings about one’s superiority lead to uncertainty and hesitation. Disquietude is bred
from this. Even those who are not bothered by thoughts of self-importance begin to be
influenced by such occurrences. One should be eager to give respect than ask for respect.

Those who freely give respect are always rewarded by higher powers. The reason for
self-importance is the lack of or reduced awareness of the presence of higher powers. It leads
to situations where mountains are created out of molehills.

Do not ask to be respected. Instead, be respectful. Be aware of yourself as the painting as well
as a drop of paint in the painting at the same time. Never forget the canvas on which you are
laid out. Your glory is the glory of the painting. Do not claim it all for yourself.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam