Indecisiveness leads to downfall. - Mahagathe

Indecisiveness leads to downfall.

Indecisiveness leads to downfall.

शमथ। Samatha

“I just can’t stand that guy”, have you ever said this? You have, haven’t you? But have you ever given a thought that you are the ‘that guy’ for someone somewhere at that very moment? It is better you answer “I haven’t”, because the other options will only make you live in denial. Living in denial is like living in a cupboard full of skeletons pretending to yourself to be friends with them.

You may think there is nothing wrong if you can’t stand someone or something. You are right in thinking so too. But it puts you in a precarious lifestyle; you close your mind to everything that comes from them. You will refuse to see the reality of your behaviour. Imagine yourself on the driving seat, in busy traffic, and can’t stand other drivers or pedestrians. You will be agitated every moment spent inside that car, so much so that you may not want to return to it or you may end up behaving rashly and erratically.

Examine how a seemingly harmless statement like “I can’t stand that guy” could lead you to a  state where you end up hurting yourself. Such a statement comes from a place of dissatisfaction. You are dissatisfied with the other based on your experience. Your dissatisfaction is real, and you are not at fault. But it is your subsequent actions which are at fault. Picture someone whom you trusted stealing a ring of sentimental value from your home. What will you do? Give up or blame or fight for it? The most seen action in the above scenario is, keep considering what to do and grow old in that thought. The second most common action is to blame in wake and in sleep. Your mind undergoes turbulence from the constant thought swing, with no action in sight. As a result, you begin to grow weak and powerless.

How do you prevent yourself from this downfall? Be firm in your resolve; it can be to give up or to fight for it. Be courageous to take the course which suits your temperament. You will be successful.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam

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