Who can stop you from reaching your goal! - Mahagathe

Who can stop you from reaching your goal!

शमथ। Samatha

“Luck is not favouring me”, “I was almost there”, haven’t you heard these voices? This is the
voice of a person who still has hope left in them. The question is will they succumb to the naysayers around or keep pushing them further. If quick gain is your best understanding of the goal, then it is likely that you will not push any further. But the result will be finding yourself in the company of many such “luck is not favouring me” situations scattered all around you. Do not let your hope be replaced by gain.

If you keep chasing the next big thing you will never reach your goal. You have to follow through what you have begun. Only then your efforts will be complemented by suitable thoughts. Where both of them are combined, luck cannot keep itself away for too long. The next question is does your goal have the power to sustain you? In other words, is it something you picked up on the way. If this is the case it is most likely that it will not sustain you because you yourself are not interested in it. And as a result, your efforts will be minimal.

Not believing in your own goal is like an open prescription to abortion. There will not be any checks and balances in place. You will put yourself in harm’s way and also destroy what had a future to it. When you have a goal, be ready to believe in it. Everything great in this world was created by people who believed in it. Young age before early adulthood is the best time to form your goals. Then it is time to shape it until it is a reality. Much time is already wasted. Go back and dive into the depths of your mind; you will surely see your goal.

Work towards your goal as your life depends on it, not as if. It is the realization of your goal that reveals to you the difference between who you are and who you thought yourself to be. Every simple gesture thought and the word you passed through in covering the distance between you and your goal are valuable insights to yourself. Only on reaching your goal will life open its new dimensions for you to explore.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam