Create the reality you want to be in - Mahagathe

Create the reality you want to be in

Create the reality you want to be in.

शमथ। Samatha

You are born and raised in a family. You are provided with everything that is required till you can
think for yourself. You suddenly see that you do not have everything you should have. This is a
good place to be, for this is the time you begin to create the life you want.

Creation requires determination and effort in equal proportions. Without determination, the effort
will be very tiring. It is not possible to be determined if you do not know what you are creating or
why you must have it. The biggest obstacle to knowledge is holding somebody else responsible
for what you do not have. At a time when you could not think, not even walk, talk or eat by
yourself, you had a roof above your head and someone to keep you alive. Could they have
done more? Yes, of course. But are you going to live a life that does not satisfy you because
they did not do everything they could have done?

Change the subconscious pattern of holding somebody else responsible or wanting someone
else to create the reality you want. Nobody other than you can know what you want. Just as
someone else is only a part of your reality, you are only a part in their reality. Once you accept
this, it won’t be difficult to let go and be determined while continuing the right effort.
Be determined that you will keep giving it everything you have. Providence will be by your side
when your efforts are in the right direction, just as it was as you were growing up into a thinking,
talking, walking adult. It is not a struggle, but it is what you are here for.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam