All roads lead you somewhere. - Mahagathe

All roads lead you somewhere.

शमथ। Samatha

Don’t stay at crossroads. It is hazardous. Take any road if you can’t decide. There is one sure constant on any road you take, that is you. If you pay attention to this constant, you will reach
your destination safely. Imagine that you want to be a tennis player. Your parents take you to
the best coach in town. Will you ever make a good player of you if you do not pay attention to

The coaching from experts is always rigorous. But you go to them to fulfil your dreams, don’t
you? If you do not pay attention to your mind who thinks it is a torture, you will not be able to
bring it to the right direction. Without attention, you will be dissatisfied even on the best road
available. The destination will make you feel further uncomfortable. It is okay wherever you are.
What you have chosen is not the problem, but the constant nagging of your mind is the problem.
Do not entertain a nagging mind. Be determined to be where you have set forth to be. Unlike
any assumption, most roads meet at many junctions. The earth is designed that way for paths to
meet. Many amenities are common in all the roads. The style, look, feel, etc may be different,
but the amenities are not absent. This means you have nothing to worry in terms of sustenance.
But if you do not pay attention, you will miss the whole scene.

Once born, the journey has to be completed. There are no excuses given or exemptions
allowed. It is within your control to decide what sort of a journey it is. Only you have the control.
Even if you think the key is with someone else, it can’t be true. You will understand this only if
you pay attention to yourself. It is your daily prayer. It is your daily obligation. It is the means to
your upliftment.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam