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Do not be weakened by bonds

शमथ। Samatha A lot of people often refer to an experience of not feeling free. They often complain that they lack the energy. What are they experiencing? They are experiencing a sensory overdrive. This is quite common as people identify with what they have. Family, career and social circle are the most common

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Get out of your thoughts

शमथ। Samatha Always staying with your own thoughts is like staying in a room where the air is stale. Thoughts are useful like the fresh air that blows into your room when the windows are opened. After some time the same room does not seem so fresh anymore. It is time

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Freedom is not fun.

शमथ। Samatha Who doesn’t want to be free! Does that mean you are not free? It is the real question to be asked; “am I not free?” If your answer is in the negative, you must go further and ask, “why am I not free?” Write down your answers. Do not stop

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All roads lead you somewhere.

शमथ। Samatha Don’t stay at crossroads. It is hazardous. Take any road if you can’t decide. There is one sure constant on any road you take, that is you. If you pay attention to this constant, you will reach your destination safely. Imagine that you want to be a tennis player.

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Indecisiveness leads to downfall.

Indecisiveness leads to downfall. शमथ। Samatha “I just can’t stand that guy”, have you ever said this? You have, haven’t you? But have you ever given a thought that you are the ‘that guy’ for someone somewhere at that very moment? It is better you answer “I haven’t”, because the other options

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Life will never cease to amaze you.

Life will never cease to amaze you. शमथ। Samatha When you think “it’s all over for me”, another chapter in your life is opening for you. Wondering why you can’t see it for yourself? You have heard of day dreaming, haven’t you? At least once in your life you have woken yourself

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