Pride is dead weight; Get rid of it now. - Mahagathe

Pride is dead weight; Get rid of it now.

Pride is dead weight; Get rid of it now.

शमथ। Samatha

Who do you know yourself as! It will be with who others have identified you with. You constantly
tell yourself, “Yes, that’s who I am. I have to keep up.” Your entire life revolves around this
identity that somebody else has chosen for you. You unconsciously bear the unconscious
choices of someone else.

The worst part is yet to come. You have built a world around it, and you feel very proud of it.
You feel ashamed if you are not doing well in that castle. Pride or shame, you are not even sure
what is it about. But this vertical wall climbing has become your life. Are you ready to throw it
away? You were waiting to hear it so that you can finally do what you want.

There is only one problem. You do not have any idea what you want. But you liked the part
where you can shift the ownership of your life into someone else’s hands so that you can place
all the struggles you undergo to their insistence. Those who have the slightest clarity on what
they want in life cannot be swayed by anyone else. It is that clarity you must have. You will find
yourself on the platform of ‘my needs’ versus ‘my role’. This is vision.

A vision is not about becoming, but belonging. Pride or shame has no place in belonging, for
you keep on contributing. Becoming makes you restless, but belonging takes you home.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam