There is no freedom as long as you want to break free.

There is no freedom as long as you want to break free.

शमथ। Samatha
Who doesn’t want freedom?! There is always a rush at the doors of those who offer freedom.
But do you know from what you are seeking freedom?

The whole universe, which includes you too, is the expression of limitless freedom. Even a tiny
grain of sand has to be in its place for this expression to be as it is. With even a slightly different
placement, the expression becomes a different reality. The Scientific community is exploring
more about this fascinating aspect of multiverses and parallel universes, and I am sure that we
shall have more scientific explanation on these in the days to come.

Does that mean you are bonded? How can there be bondage within the expression of freedom?
Isn’t it paradoxical? You feel bonded because you are not able to vibrate in union with the
original expression. You want to limit yourself to a tiny self. It seems easier to block out
everything else and operate as a tiny self, but you already know that you are crying within by
doing that.

In order to be really free, you have to acknowledge constantly that you are free indeed.

Whatever and wherever you are is the expression of the limitless freedom that is yours.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam