Self awareness is the key to Freedom. - Mahagathe

Self awareness is the key to Freedom.

Self awareness is the key to Freedom.

शमथ। Samatha

Break free! How? Instead of thinking how to break free and following it up with the required action, we go about saying, “I want to break free”. What are you actually saying? “I am in a prison”. What is this prison? Is it this planet, your nation, your society, your home, your parents, your family, your profession?

The one who thinks he or she is not free lacks fundamental intelligence. The one who lacks fundamental intelligence cannot make intelligent decisions, and intelligent decisions exist at the core of your being. The one who is constantly thinking of breaking free is a wounded person, and by continuing to think so he or she keeps the wound alive. Such a wound is not only harmful for the wounded individual, but also those around him or her, as it breeds all kind of emotional disturbances.

To lack something is not your fault. You can cultivate the fundamental intelligence with the right thoughts. And the first among those is to stop seeing you as a prisoner. Irrespective of where, what or how you are, you are not in a prison and you are not anybody’s prisoner. That is when you can look at yourself as a contributor. Are you more interested in contributing or being acknowledged? If you choose the latter, you may go back to the thought that “you are not free”.

The moment you bring that thought back, even momentarily, you are building the walls around you. It needs to stop and it needs to stop now. You will be able to stop it only when you acknowledge that you are the builder and warden of your prison. Life has to go on, and it is doing just that. You are not separate from life.

This awareness is critical. You can direct life and create new courses in it, but how will you do any of this if you are obsessed with breaking imaginary walls? Get involved with life, and let that be for not changing others, but to direct a life of beauty and fulfillment.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam