Listen without forming opinions. - Mahagathe

Listen without forming opinions.

Listen without forming opinions.

शमथ। Samatha

It is said that many wise ones spoke not to accept anything without questioning. Why should you question? To know. Do not question to show that you are intelligent. Question, the wise ones told you to ask, are meant to give you knowledge. In order to receive knowledge, you must be interested to possess it. When you have the interest, you must pursue it. In order to pursue it, you must be devoted to it. Are your questions in pursuit of knowledge, or are they to display your intelligence?

Knowledge is not for display. Knowledge is fire, and fire illumines the worthy. If you are seeking knowledge, you must be worthy to uphold it, and to share it with those who are worthy. Fire, if not handled properly, can burn down everything on its way. Those who handle fire should also know how to handle water if the fire goes out of control. They should have control over the air to keep the fire burning. They should hold the earth that kindles the fire in their hand. Ask questions knowing this, and you will be illumined.

The one who questions must be willing to listen. This is very important because answers are given to make you reflect further on what you asked. The one who really knows wants you to reflect along until you arrive at the answer yourself. If your understanding of a question is only “when is the next bus to point b”, you may wonder “what is there to reflect?” This is because you think there is only one answer to your question, and that is a point in time in the twenty-four hour cycle. That means you are opinionated. When you ask a question, be aware that you are opening the gate to infinite possibilities.

Infinity does not allow opinions. Opinions are crushed before even they are formed. This is how you know whether you are really asking a question. If you want to know, learn to listen. Opinions never allow you to listen unless what is being spoken is not in agreement with what you know. This goes against the spirit of knowledge because you are seeking agreement instead of knowledge. Seek knowledge for what it really is; it illumines you.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam