How you think matters - Mahagathe

How you think matters

शमथ। Samatha
Leaving everything to chance is not a great idea even if it makes you think you are at a happy place. One of the key features of human life is their ability to change destiny. It won’t be wrong to say it is one of the defining features of being human. This is only possible if you think. Thinking does not mean daydreaming or spending your every waking hour in planning. Thoughts have to be tested on the playground of action. Only action can reveal to you the various courses your thought can take you.

Thinking is not about having little sparks every day and achieve it all at once. Sparks in the mind, if within control, are good. They can fire up your imagination. But imagination alone will not be enough. What you imagined should be carefully charted. This charting will help you to discover whether what you imagined fit into the scope of what you are set forth to achieve. When they do not fit in, there is no point in thinking you are too early for your times. The point is to be clear on what you are here to achieve, and never losing sight of it.

Acting without thought is impulsive. Impulsive actions rarely bear fruit. However, due to their rarity, people have a tendency to glorify such actions. One should not forget that the purpose of performing actions is not to gain glory but to bring into fore one’s own innate capabilities. Every individual is born with an innate capability. If you notice your thoughts, you can easily discover those. Once you align your thoughts with this capability, you can create a perfect platform for action.

Most of the innate capabilities find scope in all areas of work. Do not lose heart by seeing only the facades of different works. Once you go inside, there are lots of common areas. Some of them are hidden or never explored. Let it be so; you be the first one to explore. It will definitely be a rewarding experience and you will not want to quit. The point is using your thoughts, aligning them to your innate capabilities, and having the attitude of an explorer.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam