Life is an expression; make it joyous. - Mahagathe

Life is an expression; make it joyous.

Life is an expression; make it joyous.

शमथ। Samatha

In a day, you ask a lot of people, “How are you?” How often do you stop and ask yourself, “How are you?” In life you are either running or too tired to run; why does it have to be like this? Change the way you think. Life is not a mad race. A mad race is chaos while life is harmony. If you keep running, you will be afraid even to fall, because you know you will be run over. In harmony, even a fall has a rhythm to it. You won’t be afraid anymore, because there are no sounds of crushing bones around you.

Your outlook alone can change the reality around you. If you are not careful in understanding, you may think not running means is to be lazy. No, to be lazy means too tired to run, forever. Similar to the runner who is afraid to fall, the one who is too tired to run never wants to get up from where he or she is. Harmony is the presence of mind to run, walk, jog, sit, stand, lie down and whatever it takes as and when demanded. Don’t be too quick to dismiss it by saying “life demands that I keep running without a choice”.

Life makes no such demand from you. Do not forget that your experience of life is what you derive from applying your body and mind. If you choose to stick to your statement of choicelessness, that will be exactly what you will derive out of this body-mind connection. Stop unnecessary connections established in your psyche, for example, work-money, family- secure oldage, education-job, etc. Such connections are sure to drop you right into the middle of a mad race.

The body-mind connection that you experience should be taught that one is not a means to the other. Everything is complete in itself. When you look at each thing you come across in your life and every thing you do as a completion in itself, this connection can be optimised. This is why it is important to ask yourself how you are and not how you feel. Then you will be able to derive joy out of every act, every step, every moment, for your mind will be present exactly where you will be.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam