Fear cannot sustain you, Faith can. - Mahagathe

Fear cannot sustain you, Faith can.

Fear cannot sustain you, Faith can.

शमथ। Samatha

“I do not want to think about it”, often heard in the context of past experiences could be more
damaging to you than you imagine. The peace you think you bring into your home with such a
thought is bought at a very high price called self harm. You are under the impression that you
will overcome something unpleasant in your life by not thinking about it. In fact you will be
overpowered by that incident by not thinking about it, quite the opposite of your impression.

Why do you not talk about unpleasant incidents in your life? Do you think you will be perceived
weak? Whoever taught you that you have to pay the price for the perceptions of others is not
quite intelligent. They have not only misjudged you but also the others. The other can listen only
if you talk. Perception is a two-sided coin; talking has to be followed by listening. Thus
perceptions are brought out into the open for everyone to see. This exchange has to go on until
you can say out loud, “Oh that! It is funny to remember how I shuddered just at the thought of it,
but it had its place in who I am today, and I am grateful”.

There is something more dangerous than the perception of the other, and it is your own
perception. At the root of this lies fear. Fear can lead to shame. Shame can lead to blame.
Blame can lead to hatred. Hatred leads to harm. With so much going on in your subconscious mind, you will not be taking a step forward even when you think you are climbing up the ladder.

You are constantly running from yourself. Take the right step by convincing yourself of this underlying phenomenon. Once you take this first step, the next steps are going to be much easier than your imagination.

Communication is of vital importance in the whole process. The one whom you choose to communicate with should be a person with knowledge and wisdom to guide you along the process. You should promise your undivided attention to the guidance you receive, and not be merely seeking approval of what you think is the case. This is faith, and it is the most valuable possession in your healing. Do not go with superficial knowledge. You will once again be able to look yourself in the eye, without any excuse or reason, and that will be the day you once again begin to live.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam