Even Magnets need Management - Mahagathe

Even Magnets need Management

Even Magnets need Management.

शमथ। Samatha

A magnet does not require to be taught how to attract metals to it. The magnet and the metal
are attracted to each other. This is nature. You are nature; sometimes it behaves like a magnet,
sometimes like a metal, and sometimes like neither of those. It is simply your nature. It does its
work automatically, or in other words, it functions as it ought to be.

Leaving your nature unmanaged does not awaken the self in you, for you, remain at the level of
a functional organism and you behave unconsciously by force of nature. A conscious self can
tap into nature to create and evolve. A conscious self can not only make his or her life easier
and fulfilling, it can bring value to everything around him or her. In short, a conscious self can
engage itself into the discovery of nature.

Why is it important to discover nature than remaining an unconscious creature governed by its
instincts? Without the discovery of nature you are unaware of possibilities, and hence remain a
slave. A slave lives on leftovers. It is always burdened. It can never relax. Imagine a magnet
lying around in a junkyard; it will be full of junk in no time. Imagine the same magnet in an
electric motor; it will be running the motor itself.

Discovering your nature requires regulating your nature. Do not think of it as being controlled,
but as awakening your self. You will not remain a tool or a component but will realize that the
mover itself is you.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam