Choices are a gift to the free. - Mahagathe

Choices are a gift to the free.

शमथ। Samatha

A dog will chew on anything it can find. A mouse will bite into anything it can find. They don’t care whether it is a precious manuscript of heritage value or a discarded paper towel. They know only to chew or bite. There are many people who worry about lack of choices. Stop joining the chorus and think of your own life. Were you really denied the freedom of choice always?

Were you always forced to lead a life you are not happy with? Do not forget that these cruel  jokers are your parents, siblings, spouse, children, friends, seniors, Gods, etc. Do you still feel they behaved as though you do not matter? Nobody can take away choices from anyone’s life, because intelligence always finds its own way to express itself. But what about the dog or the rat who cannot differentiate from what is precious and what is not? If you find yourself in situations in which you feel you are denied the freedom of choice, ask yourself “What will I choose?” Is your expression becoming blank or do you know what entails each choice you make. To choose is a great responsibility you take upon yourself. There is no time for you to be blank for your choices not only affects you, but a lot of other people too.

Choice is thought of as mere freedom. But when you ask what is freedom, you often here climbing hills, floating idly in a lazy river, etc. But what happens when you feel hungry on the top of the hill or in the middle of the river. You assume there will be an old man selling instant noodles on the top of the hill and a boat lady selling pickled fish in the middle of the river. But go behind the stereotypical old man and the boat lady, and see how they live, and why they chose
to do what they do and come into the frame of your selfie. Choices are not cheap at all. Sometimes even if someone wants to give you more choices, they
cannot afford to. But you can do your bit to ease their burden and choices will be in your possession too. When you rise to the occasion and can see what is going on from all angles, you become free. Then people will trust you. Nobody wants to leave the wedding dress with the dog.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam