Everything does not have to go the way you want. - Mahagathe

Everything does not have to go the way you want.

शमथ। Samatha

“If only I get that one thing, my life is going to be perfect. I have it all planned.” Aren’t you one of those clever people, out there, in whose mind the above thought got relayed again and again?  Then one day it stopped, and you had that one thing. What did you see when that one thing found you? Your plan perfectly laid out in front of you, or you staring at a city which was nothing like the one in your perfect plan? In all probabilities, it was the latter. What will you do now?

Before you do anything, sit down and accept that you feel weak and clueless. Let it sink in. Now regain your composure. What’s worrying you more, being a stranger in the city or the currency of plans you painfully gathered is not acceptable in the new place you are at? A bit of both you would say, but it is the latter. You have hardly moved from where you landed, but you are already convinced that it is a strange place to be. Your eagerness to be in the city you imagined to be the perfect plan is stopping you from exploring the place you are in now.

Take a leisurely stroll in the new city. Do not keep looking for familiar things. Be an explorer. Appreciate the life there. That one thing you wanted has bought a house for you in this city. Go to that home and see what you need to make it home. Make a list of all those things and go shopping. Oh! The currency you have does not work here. Exchange it; do not be stuck on the exchange rate. What you need now are the resources to transform that house into your home.

Do you feel alone in the home? Do not forget that you now have the one thing you wanted. The old plan may be redundant in the new place, but the brain which has brought you so far is not. All you have to do is get back to the drawing table and make a new drawing suitable for the new city. Please don’t try to redraw on the old plan. Burn it or shred it from your mind. Brain is more efficient when it has the freedom to build anew.

You give it that freedom and you will not be disappointed.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam