You are not weak and helpless - Mahagathe

You are not weak and helpless

शमथ। Samatha

Always feeling bad about yourself may be a pastime for your bored mind, but do not forget that it is a worm eating away on your creative spirits right from its core. Once you feel weak, you will feel helpless. Once you feel helpless, you will feel weak. Therefore do not let your mind make you think you are weak or helpless. It does not mean you have to feel invincible. It simply says life is not over yet.

For many people, helplessness is a way of attracting attention to themselves. It may work for some time, but the novelty wears out eventually, and you will be further depressed to read on their faces, “get a life for yourself”. In these times we live, finding help is easier than it ever was. 

The person who is suffering or feeling helpless should be willing to take those helps with the intent of coming out of the situation than using those avenues as another person to talk to. When someone reaches out to you seeking help, your approach too should be to connect that person with the right channels and be supportive.

Do not try to be the doctor yourself. Someone is weak only if they cannot sustain their minds anymore. Great minds have lived among us in this century with no capability of moving a limb. People born with hearing impairments, blindness, muscular atrophy, etc. have shown us that none of these could stop them from being who they are or what they are capable of. Know your capabilities. They are not defined by academic degrees alone. They lie inherent in you waiting to be woken up by you.
Every moment you spend in lamentation is days wasted. Use that time to engage yourself in activities which holds value for the nation, for the society, and for yourself. Right action never fails to give you satisfaction, and recognition too. When you are involved in the right action, your state of mind changes too; it will not make you feel weak or helpless. Instead, you will begin to notice the universe is pouring in its strength and vitality into you, and help comes without asking.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam