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You are not lost

शमथ। Samatha

“I worked hard, but couldn’t reach anywhere”, “All my efforts have gone in vain”. We all have heard people talking in similar tones. Sometimes you have heard it from yourself too. ‘Not knowing’ is a very debilitating state for the mind, and it will start showing its effects on the body instantaneously. This is a place where you feel you cannot go on anymore even though you can very well see the long road ahead of you. You want to quit. You are afraid of not seeing any shelter in sight.

Tell yourself it is okay to quit. What a tired mind needs more than anything else is to relax. Give
your mind this time and space to relax. It can only be done when you take your mind totally off what happened on the road so far and what would have happened if you would have gone any further. This is not the time for such recollections. A person who is in the hospital will only delay their recovery if they keep thinking of the events they missed or will miss. Relaxation is the time given to your mind to recover from the state it is in and become healthy once again. Nothing else should be thought of at this time.

A person who is paralyzed from the neck down will only make themselves feel more miserable if they keep thinking about not being able to do any work and making the life of their family more difficult. This will only make their mind fall into a guilt trip. A person whose mind feels hopeless is similar to a paralysed individual. However, you think or feel guilty is not going to help you.
Instead, you must focus on fully recovering which is only possible through completely relaxing your mind. This is easily achievable if you get rid of the self crippling thoughts and constant feeling of being lost.

Once the mind gains its equanimity back, it is as fresh as a young person in optimum health and full of energy. All you need to do is give it the right training. Its understandings will take a new plunge from those which limited its vision. It will realize the existence of bylanes in life where it is full of life and shelters are easily available. It comes out of the noose it itself tied around its neck. All that is asked of you is to relax, and it will not take forever.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam

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