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You are not in a race

शमथ। Samatha

Do not be in a rush. Rushing is a last-minute exercise pushing behind the last bit of inertia. If it becomes an everyday affair, it is an indication that your life is on track. It means you are constantly running. You may be running towards something, but it also means you are running away from something. Your achievements should not be a running away from something.

You are told that you will be left behind if you do not move fast. You did not hear the next part of it because you left in a rush. It said your movement should be in the right company or else you will not be even seen. Do not try to squeeze yourself into the right company. Doing the right things gets you invited to the right company. Minding your own business, doing your job, not causing harm to anybody does not make you eligible for this invitation. It is a good mediocre life.

Life is already rewarding you for being that.

Your life is a multifaceted existential experience, all of which demands your attention and presence. You cannot ignore any of them. There is a personal dimension to it. There is a hereditary dimension. Then it is the family dimension. There is a social dimension and finally the spiritual or wellness dimension. You have immersed yourself in the personal dimension under the erroneous impression that it is the only dimension and everything else is dependent on it. A lobby is very important for a hotel, but it will not be a hotel if it is only the lobby which is attended to.

Your personal dimension is the front office of your life. To complete it all the five have to come together and given equal importance to. Your time, health, wealth, and efforts have to be equally divided between all five in order to complete your existence. Ignoring any one causes grievous injury to your overall development. This shapes you and moulds you. Otherwise, you will be in your own shell; then your life becomes a race, where you have to rush in the last minute in order to catch up with each dimension against your choice.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam

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