What you seek is easier to find when you know it, all else are meandering strolls. - Mahagathe

What you seek is easier to find when you know it, all else are meandering strolls.

What you seek is easier to find when you know it, all else are meandering strolls.

शमथ। Samatha

Hardly anybody out there is not a seeker; some may be seeking wealth, some others may be
seeking power, spiritual fulfillment may be the goal for somebody else. However, very few people
find what they seek. Is it because what you seek does not exist? That is impossible as there is
nothing that is lacking in existence.

The primary requisite to have anything in life is to have the clarity of vision on what you want to
have. Most people lack in this area. Once you have the clarity, you will be able to make the
necessary changes to your current way of thinking and action in order to realize the vision.

A plant needs sunlight, water, manure, etc for its growth, but a desert plant will die if it is given
the same amount of water given to a tropical plant. Similarly, a tropical plant will dry if it is
exposed to the same heat received by a desert plant. This knowledge gives the right direction to
the realization of what you seek.

Vision, clarity, and knowledge should lead you to the right action. After coming this far, many people
shun the right action and prefers to crawl back into their tiny burrows of comfort. For them, the
light is too much to handle, because the light always points to the self.

Stop looking everywhere and use this Divine Knowledge, and you will no more have to wander
in the darkness.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam

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Mahagathe Foundation Public Charitable Trust is a dynamic non-profit organization dedicated to foster a compassionate, inclusive, and just society. Established in 2016, our foundation operates across India, Nepal and US drawing inspiration from the timeless wisdom of the Sanatana Dharma and the teachings of the Vedas. Vision: Mahagathe Foundation envisions creating a caring and compassionate environment, accepting the continuity of existence. At Mahagathe, we envision a world where every individual has access to basic rights such as education, healthcare, food, housing, clothing, and clean water. We aspire to cultivate an environment that nurtures compassion and respects the interconnectedness of all existence.


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