Time is not an excuse - Mahagathe

Time is not an excuse

Time is not an excuse.

शमथ। Samatha

“Everything will happen in time” sounds very wise, doesn’t it? It depends on where it is coming
from. From the mouth of a lazy person, it is nothing but sloth and complacency.
Wise words are the most misused alibi of lazy people. It is their most favorite excuse to cover
their incompetence. Will it do you any good? Yes, there are temporary gains. But those
temporary gains only lead you to destruction as no amount of wise words can hide your lack of
effort forever. Wisdom is to liberate you and take you forward. When misused, it does quite the

Time is not static; it is qualified by movement. Unless you move along with it, you become
stagnant. Do not confuse ‘being unaffected’ with no movement. Wisdom has to be understood in
the right context, otherwise, it will prove itself to be destructive to you. The fault is not with
wisdom, but with the attitude with which you apply it in your life. You have a responsibility to
take your duty to success. You cannot say “I have done enough” and leave it to time.

Be determined and be patient while you work, and rest while you rest. Then time will never be
used as an excuse by you for you will be well relaxed to dedicate yourself to your actions.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam