There is nothing to lose - Mahagathe

There is nothing to lose

शमथ। Samatha

What is holding you back? Imagination. Do you know what is pushing you to run? Imagination.  Imagination is your inertia as well as force. You are simply not using it in the right way. In your binary world, it is either this or that? But is that how the universe operates?

Your mind is jumping with joy on hearing this? It has already begun to spin its web of imagination where it is all enjoyment with no responsibility. What was being discussed is about not limiting the possibilities to one or the other. Today we will stick to imagination. Why do you want to do something different, or as a progression? It is because you imagine a possibility. Some people jump forward immediately assuming that the imagined is just in front of them. Some others apply a sudden brake to the future under the impression that it is not within their reach. One picture, two behavioral patterns.

Which is ideal? To find out, you must know whether the imagination inspired you or not.

Inspiration depends on many factors. Foremost among them is your mental disposition. How well do you know your mental disposition? This decides your satisfaction quotient (SQ) in the current life you lead. Take a quick look at your life and give yourself a rough SQ score. Is the imagination that struck you within the sphere of your current life or outside of it? How much adjustments are to be made to pursue your imagination? All of the above influences inspiration.

However, your mental disposition solely determines the scope of inspiration. Imagination shows you a possibility. You have to design it to suit your exclusive needs. Designing something involves cutting, patching, tapering, etc. Whatever it takes to make the design practical, efficient and aesthetic is to be undertaken. This cannot be done if you are not inspired. Textiles are mere fabrics if you do not tailor them to various shapes and sizes. This is the case with life too. Know your mental disposition. Be inspired. Tailor your imaginations to designs which suit your mental disposition. You don’t need anything!

People around you are in need of something. You can be a designer for them.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam