The wealth you want to have is within you. - Mahagathe

The wealth you want to have is within you.

The wealth you want to have is within you.

शमथ। Samatha

We are seekers. There is nobody on this planet who is not seeking something. Some are labelled ideal while some are labelled undesirable. But there is none who is not moved by something. Love, relationship, meaning, purpose, job, money, health, beauty, god, etc are just a few examples.

It is not uncommon to find those who seek death too. Looking at the above list, can you differentiate the ideal from the undesirable?

What you seek cannot reveal anything about you.

Why you seek can say something about you.

How you seek can reveal a lot more about you.

But what you seek still cannot be known. Irrespective of what you seek, your focus must be on the path towards your objective, for the path will surely reveal everything about you.

You may wonder whether seeking is that easy. It is not that easy. Your focus cannot shift from the path. Every step you take towards your goal should have complete presence of your mind and your heart. Then your goal will appear in every step. What you seek will not be a goal anymore, but you will be consumed by it. The situation is reversed here, you are no more the seeker, it has found you. Can you sustain this energy? Here is the real test.

If you are looking for something as a means to something, it is not seeking. It is simply a want.
Do not be fooled by wants. Be a seeker, for it has the power to show you everything and give you everything.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam