The strength is at your core; harness it. - Mahagathe

The strength is at your core; harness it.

शमथ। Samatha

The milk that flows from the breasts of a mother keeps a newborn child alive and let them grow up. But can the same breast milk give life to a child born dead, let alone growth? You can read all you want, hear all you want, watch all you want, but none of them can make any difference to you if you are not alive to what is being poured into you.

Are you alive today? You must be, because you are breathing, you are eating and drinking. But does that make you human? No, it does not. Any being born to this planet does all these; it is the cycle of life. A human is more than this for they can stop the cycle. No, not through meditation, but by action. The one who is action-oriented is a king. The ones who support action are warriors. These are the owners of the society and the nation. A righteous king supported by relentless warriors will ensure peace to all who abide by the law.

In peace, there is growth. A child born into a battlefield may not find a bosom that can nourish them. Do not bring chaos if you do not have what it takes to ensure peace. Actions without right knowledge become stagnant in time. Higher life cannot be born in stagnant waters. Right knowledge cannot exist without higher life. Higher life exists in those who are selfless in their actions and thoughts. They achieve that by transcending actions. Those who abandon actions without transcendence are not selfless in thoughts.

Higher life is neither interested in protecting nor being protected. They are free. But the wise king receives nectar from them. The warriors adore the wise king. They will ensure peace and order in the society. Let the king be always wise. Let the warriors be always devoted to that king. Let the selfless ones never die. Let the meek be protected. Let there be peace in order.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam