The light of unity can enlighten the whole world. - Mahagathe

The light of unity can enlighten the whole world.

The light of unity can enlighten the whole world.
शमथ। Samatha

Who is the most powerful among us? This is a question that had troubled even the Gods. The
feeling of superiority only led to bitterness and chaos. Leaving aside the ego, they could see
that they are essentially One, though not the same. Order was restored, and to this day the
universe exists in this inherent harmony.

Humankind seems to be struggling internally and externally when it comes to self-worth. No
amount of explanation convinces them of the intrinsic unity. Everyone is in the race for moral,
emotional and physical superiority over the others. Work is no more seen as duty, but
differentiated as superior and inferior, and everyone wants to keep the superior pies to
themselves eager to leave aside the humble pies for others.

You won’t be alone in thinking that Spiritual well-being is not a priority as long as you are
well-to-do professionally and socially. Even Gods made that mistake, but they quickly
understood that no amount of power or recognition could substitute the core. The core is
essentially one, and that is always the priority. Once this is acknowledged and pursued, you
don’t have to struggle for any superiority, the ensuing order will ensure your rightful place in life.

The real power lies in what is intrinsically you, and it is never divided. This has the power to
affect the whole world. Never leave it for the end of your life, it will be like serving food once the
guests have left.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam