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A weakness cannot be the reason to abandon

शमथ। Samatha You are not perfect. There is nothing wrong with it. Is there any work that is perfect? Perfection is attributed only to that which never faces any decline. In that sense, there is nothing in this universe that can be called perfect. Lack of perfection should not become an excuse

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Duty is not the absence of choice

शमथ। Samatha A large number of people like to take up professions or trade which gives them a guarantee of a better paying secure life. There are some other people who take up causes which others find as ridiculous or insignificant or stupid. Why do they do so? The former directs all

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Discipline yourself to be relaxed.

Discipline yourself to be relaxed. शमथ। Samatha “I have so much to do that I don’t know what to do”, familiar with that feeling? Have you asked yourself “Why”? Is it true that somebody is out there to get you by stressing you out? And have you unwittingly fallen into their sick

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