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There is a road for everyone

शमथ। Samatha “I don’t know what to do”, then sit somewhere quietly. If people who do not know what to do runs here and there, everybody is going to be disturbed. And the person who is running will not be satisfied anywhere. The first effort of an unsure individual should be to

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Do not let pain stop you

शमथ। Samatha “I can’t take it anymore; why should I be the one to suffer“, voices you often hear from yourselves. You may think that you are the only one among your friends, colleagues, etc who is suffering. Take comfort in knowing that the person sitting next to you too is asking,

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Direction is not optional

शमथ। Samatha ‘Have a goal’ is something all of you have heard all the time. But doesn’t having a goal limit your potential? You keep hearing that you are infinite, and you keep wondering how can the infinite be limited by something as negligible as a finite goal. Infinity is infinite ways

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