Play like a child, and work like a king - Mahagathe

Play like a child, and work like a king

Play like a child, and work like a king.

शमथ। Samatha

Mondays have come to be looked at as equivalents of a nightmarish existence, and Fridays as
the door to heaven. Why have we come to this? Instead of addressing this self-bullying attitude,
we continue to sing the glory of Monday morning blues and weekend night out as if under the
spell of some cheap drug.

You look at life as if whatever you do not like are constantly pushed down your throat. You
along with those who sing with you appear to you as the apparitions of everything virtuous. You
feel that life is unfair to you because you are virtuous, and there is nothing you can do other
than suffer from Monday to Friday, only to rebel on Saturday and Sunday.

Reverse the trend.

Stop singing the sad songs. Use your weekends to have fun. There is no need to prove any
point to anyone.

A child does not play to prove anyone wrong or to express its disappointment in someone.

Nobody stops you from doing something that you like, without causing self-harm and inflicting
damage on others. You will not wake up on Monday morning as exhausted as before. Instead of
sleepwalking into your workspace, you will be taking each step in awareness. It will no more
remain the awareness of a victim, but of someone in control of the self.

The one who is in control of the self is the Master of oneself. Such an individual cannot be
cowed by anybody or any situation. Let that be you.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam