My world is my window to myself. - Mahagathe

My world is my window to myself.

My world is my window to myself.

शमथ। Samatha

There are people out there who tell you, “I know who you are”. How do they know you? They know you from the information you leave out there for them to see. Every time you talk to somebody or don’t talk to somebody, you are leaving something more than what you said or did not say, for them to process. And so, to others who were watching you. Then there is exchange of what they processed in their heads to a total stranger to you.

Others know you primarily through observation, and then through exchange of ideas. What are they observing? They are observing your behaviour in response to various similar and dissimilar occasions. People talk, and not all talks are gossips. Thus observations are shared.

How should you know yourself ? You should know yourself through the exact same processes of observation
and shared observations. The reality is, you hardly put any effort into knowing yourself. This is because you think you know yourself. Unfortunately you do not. When you say you know yourself, you are only making statements like, I am good, I am smart, etc. By doing this, you are only creating conflict within yourself and with others. And you make yourself into a reactive material instead of the intelligent being you truly are.

Take a break from that pattern. You are giving yourself an opportunity to know who you truly are, by doing this. Others too will be able to see you differently from what they have come to believe you to be.

There is no greater window to you than your daily life. You are definitely not what you think.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam