Mastery takes effort - Mahagathe

Mastery takes effort

शमथ। Samatha

Nothing comes by easy. We have all heard this a thousand times. But still, you hope everything happens easily. In fact, a lot of times your frustrations are because things are not happening as you expected. You have drawn a chart, planned well and even the execution is happening seamlessly, except that the result is not what you planned for. A resounding question from that moment in your conscious reality is “Why?” You are unable to reconcile with what has happened. Unless you take care of this “Why”, the same story could be repeated in your life.

In life, there are many details you miss. You simply do not see them because your mind is overwhelmed by the result awaiting you in the future. Many people say that if you want to be a king, live like a king. Is it possible? Not unless you are already a king. Imagine waiting on your bed to be woken up by ten attendants and to be led to the elaborate bath followed by a feast for breakfast. For most people, that’s who a king is. But yes, you can live like a king already even if you have nothing of your own. The efforts given by a king each day can easily be done by you too.

A king’s primary duty is to protect their territory and their people. You can imbibe this into your life too by being the protector of what has been entrusted to your care in terms of materials and people. The next duty of a king is the welfare of their people. You can do that too, can’t you? A king has to ensure that their knowledge and skills are always kept superior in order to ensure that the first two duties are well guarded. You too should not rely on what you have achieved in the past, but equip yourself every day to stand up to any new challenge the world throws in front of you any given day.

A king does not fear or suspect everyone. They donate liberally and enjoy reasonably. Can you see how different the reality is from what your mind projected? A person who does not have the qualities of a king should not be a king. It is dangerous for them as well as the country. When you are not getting what you dreamed of, find out this gap between what your mind projected and what the reality is. Anybody can project anything on to a mental canvas, but to reproduce the same vision on to a real canvas takes dedication, skills, and effort.

The moment you bridge the gap between projection and reality, you will find yourself to be the Master.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam