Love without awareness is enslavement. - Mahagathe

Love without awareness is enslavement.

Love without awareness is enslavement.

शमथ। Samatha

“I love you”, the declaration a lot of us love to hear; but does it entail “Oh! You said I love you to
me, now make sure you listen to everything I say”? Is love an excuse to control the lives of
those around us, as in “You know I am doing this because I love you.” Love is not a license to
go about doing what you like unchallenged.

Love is a meeting point, a point where the shortcomings of the other meet your strengths. Your
strengths must not seep into the shortcomings of the other, but strike a perfect balance by being
complementary to each other. The Universe is not in existence because like poles are together;
love is a magnetic force in our lives, not to put us into sleep, but to create.

You know your strengths, but if you do not know your shortcomings you can be overpowered
easily. When the other reflects your shortcomings to you, do not go on a defensive. When you
acknowledge those without blaming yourself, you begin to create. That is the moment you are
one step closer to your life’s purpose. You cannot reclaim all those moments lost on a defensive
spree, but you can make this moment your moment of creation.

Like the Universe, you are a treasure trove of mysteries. To unlock the mysteries, you cannot
behave differently from the unifying magnetism that permeates the entire universe. Love not to
bind, but to set free.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam