Life will never cease to amaze you. - Mahagathe

Life will never cease to amaze you.

Life will never cease to amaze you.

शमथ। Samatha

When you think “it’s all over for me”, another chapter in your life is opening for you. Wondering why you can’t see it for yourself? You have heard of day dreaming, haven’t you? At least once in your life you have woken yourself into a moment where you could not make any sense out of what the teacher was saying. You stare into your book only to see that she was on a different page than the one you were on. How could this happen? You are not a bad student, you love the subject and adore the teacher, and you were definitely not sleeping.

You got caught up in something without you knowing it. And when you snapped out of it, you were not fully cognisant of what was going on around you; you were in a haze. If it could happen in your classroom, can it not happen anywhere? Yes, and it happens to you more than you imagine. That’s why you end up thinking “it’s all over for me” time and again. But our topic is a new chapter in your life, isn’t it?

You are looking at life as a block of stone, and you know what you want to carve out of it. What  you forget is there is only so much that you can carve out of a block. There are so many variables in its success ranging from the properties of the piece of stone you have to the tools you use. I can only look at such a life with pity because that person’s life will be hell. Life is already spread in front of you; you simply have to keep walking on it watching it unfurl for you.

Something changes within you when you begin to approach life this way. You will begin to notice that the frequency of “it’s all over for me” reduces. The biggest gift you will receive from this is time. Without changing anything in your life, you find yourself with plenty of ‘free’ time.

One slight modification in the way you perceive life can reveal its mystery to you. And it is nothing short of a miracle.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam

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