Life cannot be memorized - Mahagathe

Life cannot be memorized

शमथ। Samatha

‘Learn from your past’ has been a moral dictum for quite some time now. But is it possible? Simply “no”. Every experience that is placed before you is new and unique and each of them needs unique attention and methods to be addressed. Replicating the past experiences is not the purpose of a new situation.

Everything you come across in life stimulates the mind. It is the mind which has to come up with ways to traverse through each situation with its available means and resources. The important thing is to train your mind to be alert and not miss anything. The greatest craftsmanship, be it in a watch or a car, shows attention to the minute details. Situations are presented to you for you to discover the craftsman in you. The world pays importance to beauty and quality. The one word to describe both is graciousness. In every action you do, you must seek graciousness. Without it, your actions are simply plain and ordinary. It is everywhere; everyone does that. If you are someone to be satisfied by the ordinary, there is no problem. But your mind often worries about why you are not experiencing your life’s worth or why others are not recognizing the greatness in you.

The question you must ask is

does the way I do things possess the graciousness that others must seek?”

Do not be satisfied with copying the past. Every new situation is a beauty waiting to be created, a uniqueness waiting to be discovered. If you go with the tool kits of a mechanic, it will only get the old engines running at best. To keep things running is not what nature wants.

 Then you too shall be seen. 

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam