Let there be no giver in giving, just the act. - Mahagathe

Let there be no giver in giving, just the act.

Let there be no giver in giving, just the act.

शमथ। Samatha

Giving is an active role while receiving is passive. The active is assumed to be superior and the
passive to be inferior or lower. This has created division within you. A divided body is a suffering
body, spending all its resources on the suffering part. There cannot be health, comfort or peace
as long as division exists.

Roles are essential and have to be respected for they enable the act. There is no active or
passive, superior or inferior without the act. Action is an opportunity to understand yourself.

Therefore action cannot be dropped. However not gaining the right understanding will make you
lose sight of the action and be fixated on the euphoria of your role.

Take up action wholeheartedly. Do not be burdened by ‘how’. Instead ‘how’ should open up
possibilities. When you have a headache, all you can think of is that; your eyes stop seeing,
your brain stops thinking. This is what happens when you are burdened by ‘how’. When you are
determined that the action is more significant than you, you will open your eyes to possibilities
and take effective action.

Do not be stuck-up; you will end up being a self-congratulatory loser. Be efficacious, and you
won’t be the only one to appreciate your goodness.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam